Strategic Alliances

Global Elite GroupGlobal Elite Group. Specializing in Aviation Security Management, Global Elite and Airline Choice are able to offer a unique solution to the aviation industry leveraging years of technology and security background, providing an unparalleled level of support and expertise.  Jointly, Airline Choice and Global Elite market solutions geared towards Air Carriers, Ground Handlers, and Airport Authorities in the areas of security vetting of passengers, crew and employees, fraudulent document verification, facial recognition, PNR profiling, among others.  With such a strong relationship between Global Elite and Airline Choice, customers truly benefit from a partnership style relationship with solutions tailored to their unique operational needs.  For more information on how you can benefit from this partnership, contact us.

naca National Air Carrier Association. Our affiliation with NACA allows us to stay abreast of the important issues that Airlines face today, specifically in the areas of Safety and Security.  This partnership ensures that our solutions are always up to date with the most recent government regulations.

mercatorAvantik. Take your business to new heights with the next-generation PSS, Avantik - the world's first low cost core reservation and sales distribution system for regional, domestic and low cost carriers. With a cutting-edge design, experience (a) unified architecture with open connectivity and maximum flexibility - enabling you to provide higher levels of customer support at a reduced sales and distribution cost base. 

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InteliSys Aviation Systems. InteliSys Aviation Systems was founded  in  1987  and  since  its  beginning  has  focused  on providing  leading-edge  IT solutions  for over 60 Regional, Low Cost Carrier, Hybrid and  corporate carriers.   InteliSys is wholly owned in New Brunswick, Canada, with regional representatives in Asia, United States, Middle East 

and UK.   Our ameliaRES and ameliaCARGO products, represents the culmination of over two decades of business focused software development and computer systems engineering. The reliability and depth of our solutions, coupled with our proven track record for system implementations have made InteliSys solutions a solid choice for commercial airlines.  Learn more at

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