PrehKeyTec Hardware Scanners and Keyboards



Airline Choice works closely with PreKeyTec as Technology Alliance Partner to ensure the tightest integration between our application and their products.  Current PrehKeyTec products that are certified with Airline Choice are the MCI30, MCI 111, and the ML2.  For more information on these products, please see below or contact us at 224-265-8020 for more information.

MCI30 - Gate CheckerME50489_Keyboard_web

  • Perfect for Gate Checking Passengers
  • Integrated 3-track MSR and barcodescanner (1D and 2D)
  • 2x16 backlid LCD
  • Red/Green LED indicator for BOARD/NO BOARD
  • Up to 30 keys (5x6), free programmable and configurable
  • Connected through a single USB cable, no drivers needed


MCI 111 - Keyboard with Integrated Scanner

  • 3-track magnetic card readermci111_21_web
  • OCR reader (OCR-B; other fonts available on request)
  • 2D barcode reader (optional)
  • Glide point
  • Status indicator for good/poor reading
  • Buzzer for acoustic feedback


ML2 - Passport Scanner 

  • Virtual COM interface or PC keyboard wedge
  • Bi-directional swipeml2-oben-1_01_web
  • Reads machine readable documents, according to ICAO9303
  • Reads OCR-B data with two lines of max. 44 characters 
  • Reads machine readable Visa with two lines of 44 characters or two lines of 36 characters
  • Reads machine readable travel documents with two lines of 36 characters or three lines of 30 characters 
  • Reads banking checks, MICR E13B coded to ISO 1004
  • Other machine readable data on request
  • Software update through USB interface

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