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VidTroniX ATP3 printers integrate natively into Airline Choice. The ATP Travel Document Printer is a rugged printer with one paper path. This one path will accommodate either bagtag or ATB tickets or boarding pass stock, the printer auto adjusts between stock types without any customer intervention. Custom stock inputs can be installed to accommodate special stock types. There are separate interface connections for ATB and Bag Tag. The small size will allow for easy placement in counters. High print speed is accomplished with a long life print head. The printer is enabled for RFiD, the RFiD feature can be field installed.

Tehcnical Features:

Small Size Height:  82 mm
Width:  145 mm
Length: 175 mm
Print Technology
Direct thermal
Print Speed
Up to 6 inches per second
Up to 30 coupons per minute
Print Resolution
203 dpi standard
300 dpi optional
Print Head Replacement
1/2 Minute - no tools necessary
Paper Handling
Straight paper paths, no curves to jam
Paper Width
2.125 Inches (Bag Tag)
3.250 Inches (Boarding Pass)
Paper Seperation
Motor operated burster, required if using RFID bagtag stock
Electronics Microprocessor controlled
Power backed RAM
Standard flash ROM
Optional flash ROM 2MB
Application program and printer features updated online
System Interface
ATB Host - RS232C to 38,400 baud
Bag Tag Host - RS232C to 38,400 baud
Connectors RJ45, AEA 2002 compatible
Optional USB and IP interfaces
Display LCD 2 rows with 16 characters, backlight
Operator Controls
Operator switch, LED indicators

To learn more on how the VidTroniX ATP3 printer integrates into Airline Choice or to purchase, call us at 224-265-8020 or click the link below to request more information.


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