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Airline Choice Automated Employee Vetting Service

Governments require daily watchlist vetting to ensure that employees are cleared to work in secure areas of airport or who have access to aircraft. In the U.S., the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)of the United States DHS (Department of Homeland Security) governs aviation security in regulation 49 CFR Parts 1500 to 1550. Watchlists are generated by government agencies, including DHS and the Department of State, and all air carriers are required to run name checks against these lists for each of their employees, before each day’s work.

The Airline Choice Employee Vetting Service is vital for airlines, low cost charters and private carriers to meet these requirements quickly and easily.  Your list of employees can be updated by email when your lists change, or we can set up an automatic upload system.  Lists are run against the latest watchlists automatically each night, and you receive an automatic email notification of any NoFly, Selectee or Prevent Departure matches.

Employee Vetting Service Feature Highlights/Benefits

  • The system can upload your employee lists automatically
  • If your staff is small and stable, you can simply email a new list whenever your employees change
  • Employees are automatically cleared to go to work, unless a notification is received.

Feel free to call us at 224-265-8020 for more information about the Airline Choice Automated Employee Vetting Service.

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