Airline Choice Concierge Services - Flight Processing

Airline Choice Flight Processing Service

Your chartered airline may not have scheduled services, but may have an irregular need to transport passengers on one or several flights.  We can manage the verifying and clearing process for your passengers to receive boarding passes, follow up on any missing information, uncleared passengers and selectees, and send the FCO (Flight Close Out) message to DHS.

Flight Processing Service Feature Highlights/Benefits

  • We receive, review and submit your passenger lists 72 hours in advance of the flight as required.
  • We work with you to resolve or manage any inhibited or Selectee matches returned by the Secure Flight system.
  • We work with you at Check In to manage any changes in passenger details, passenger status changes from Secure Flight, Go-Shows and No-Shows, and resubmit vetting as needed.
  • We refer any inhibited passengers to resolution processes.
  • We complete the flight close out process and submit the FCO message to DHS.


Feel free to call us at 224-265-8020 for more information about the Airline Choice Flight Processing Service.


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