Passenger Check-In Processing. Departure Control System

Airline Choice Feature - Passenger Check-In Processing

We know that convenience is one of the reasons your passengers chose your airline or charter company.  We know that keeping things running smoothly and efficiently makes it possible for you to provide the level of customer service that will keep you customers coming back.

Our systems are designed to ensure you’re in compliance with all legal requirements of transporting passengers, keeping your process smooth and trouble-free.

The Airline Choice Passenger Check-In Processing Feature makes it easy on your staff and your passengers.

Passenger Check-In Processing is offered in the Airline Choice Standard and Airline Choice Professional Suites.

Passenger Check-In Processing Highlights/Benefits:

  • Check in passengers simultaneously for multiple flights and multiple carriers.
  • Process passenger check-in against pre-imported manifests or as individual Go-Show records.
  • Perform automatic passenger re-vetting after a change is made to passenger details.
  • Capture address fields to comply with US mandatory inbound requirements
  • Maintain a list of frequently or recently used addresses for easy, fast and error-free data entry
  • Send FCO (Flight Closeout) message with on-board status

Feel free to call us at 224-265-8020 for more information about Airline Choice Passenger Check-In Processing.


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