DHS Secure Flight Compliance

Airline Choice Feature - Secure Flight Compliance

Secure Flight is a program implemented in 2009 which collects additional passenger data to improve watch list matching

Under the Secure Flight program, passengers making a reservation are required to provide their full name (as it appears on the identification document used when traveling), date of birth, and gender. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) then matches this information against government watch lists.

After matching passenger information against government watch lists, Secure Flight transmits the matching results back to airlines.

The Airline Choice Secure Flight Solution makes it easy to comply with Secure Flight requirements for U.S. domestic and international flight segments.

Secure Flight functionality is offered in the Airline Choice Standard and Airline Choice Professional Suites.

Secure Flight Compliance Feature Highlights/Benefits:

  • Work with 3M RTE6700 & RTE6701 Passport Readers
  • Transmit in interactive (CBP AQQ) or non-interactive (APIS30) modes
  • Maintain a list of frequently or recently used addresses for easy, fast and error-free data entry
  • Ensure phonetic matches for misspelled names (using complex Soundex algorithms)
  • Import and pre-scrub passenger manifests in IATA PNL, CSV or Excel formats
  • Schedule unattended automatic watchlist download
  • Provide a single interface for handling Qualified Changes (passenger data) and Information Changes (flight itinerary data.)
  • Process Gate Pass requests.
  • Provide notification and acknowledgement of Unsolicited Messages 
  • Validate mandatory and optional data elements.

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