Travel Document Scanner Integration

Airline Choice Feature - Travel Document Scanner Integration

Travel document scanners speed the check-in process and allow your passengers to enjoy an expedited check-in experience.

The 3M RTE6700 travel document scanner reliably captures data from passports, visas, travel cards, and magnetic stripe cards.

The 3M RTE6701 is a compact passport reader used by immigration authorities, border control police and international airlines that has fully integrated electronics and absolutely no moving parts, which makes it an ideal choice for “self-service” and space restricted environments.

The Airline Choice Travel Document Scanner Integration is designed to work with these reliable devices.

The Travel Document Scanner Integration Feature is offered in the Airline Choice Standard and Airline Choice Professional Suites.

  • Works with 3M RTE6700 & RTE6701 Passport Readers
  • Allows for real-time passenger check-in  using a passport or driver’s license.
  • Performs name matching against pre-imported manifests


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