Watchlist Vetting for TSA No Fly and Canadian SPL

Airline Choice Feature - Watchlist Vetting

Governments require watchlist vetting to ensure that passengers are cleared to fly on domestic and international flights.  In the U.S., the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)of the United States DHS (Department of Homeland Security) governs aviation security in regulation 49 CFR Parts 1500 to 1550. Watchlists are generated by government agencies, including DHS and the Department of State, and all air carriers are required to run name checks of passengers against these lists.

The Airline Choice Watchlist Vetting Feature is vital for airlines, low cost charters and private carriers to meet these requirements quickly and easily. Your ground staff will process passenger check-ins using the latest watchlist information via automatic updates using our secure online process.  If a secure internet connection is not available, TSA and SPL watchlists can be imported manually.

The Watchlist Vetting Feature is included in Airline Choice Basic, Airline Choice Standard and the Airline Choice Professional Suite.

Watchlist Vetting Feature Highlights/Benefits

  • Supports automatic updates using a secure online process.  Your ground crew can spend less time downloading software and more time attending to their other duties and customer service. The software manages updates automatically when a secure internet connection is available.
  • Provides a utility for manual TSA and SLP watchlist imports. This provides greater flexibility in situations where secure internet access may not be available.
  • No fly watchlist vetting requirements are easily met with any of the Airline Choice products.

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