IDentiFLY Travel Document Authentication


Fully integrated software application from Airline Choice works with the 3M AT9000 Full Page reader and document authentication library software to provide quick and easy document authentication. IDentiFLY_web

Designed to be deployed in versatile mobile units for rapid deployment and maximum flexibility, our IDentiFLY units have everything required for full document authentication.  The units are battery powered, providing up to 8 hours of autonomous operation without any power cords or cables.  Each unit comes deployed with a custom designed pelican case, 3M AT9000 full page document reader, battery, and laptop configured with IDentiFLY.  

Document Authentication Highlights:

  • Scanning uses ultraviolet, infrared, RFID and holographic technologies
  • Simple scoring for Pass or Fail of travel document authentication
  • Powered by the world's most advanced ID authentication system from AssureTec Technologies
  • Global identity document library including passports, visas, driver's licenses, military IDs, alien registration cards, etc.
  • Integration with IATA Timatic for verification of needed travel documents
  • Capture and retain images of the travel documents scanned for cases of discrepencies with Border Agencies

Integration into Airline Choice DCS:

  • Full compliance with TSA Secure Flight, APIS, Watchlist Vetting
  • Support for International APIS
  • Export captured images to removable media (USB or CD) to be given to flight crew
  • Images are retained in a central repositroy for corporate access if needed later


More Info on Airline Choice DCS

Avoid costly fines and or deportation costs for missing travel documents, switched documents and have a greater chance to identify fraudulent documents.

More information on the 3M AT900

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