Third-Party Integration

Airline Choice External Interfaces.
Airline Choice™ provides a set of web services for integration with 3rd party systems.

We are a service provider between your existing airport information systems, DCS, booking/reservation and border patrol systems.

We provide interfaces to both certification and production DHS environments allowing you to validate your data before switching over to the live production system.

All of the transactions are SSL secure to protect your data. In addition, all messages are archived for historical lookup or PSI analysis.

Our web services provide a number of standard and customizable interfaces for you to integrate with.

The standard Airline Choice™ interfaces include:

  • Functionality to generate PAXLST UN/EDIFACT message required for handling APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System) requirements. The message may then be forwarded to any involved border patrol agency for processing.

  • Communication interface for real-time processing of traveler information through CBP AQQ (APIS Quick Query) and/or TSA Secure Flight program. Our direct MQ interface with DHS will reduce any transmission costs that you will be subjected to with Type B message providers.

  • Validation of required passenger information based on dynamically defined APIS rules and flight routings.

  • Screening of passengers/employees against TSA and/or Canadian SPL Watchlists. Our vetting functionality supports three different phonetic algorithms for more scrutinized name matching. The process has successfully passed all TSA name matching requirements.

  • MCL (Master Crew List) build up and management interface for synchronizing crew personnel database with TSA system.

  • Crew flight manifests submissions to satisfy all APIS and TSA requirements.

Our solution can be customized to meet the needs of your Departure Control systems or any other products that can automate your operation workflow.

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